03/12/15 - 12K Backers! Crafting Faq Part 2!

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    • 03/12/15 - 12K Backers! Crafting Faq Part 2!

      CF-NEWS schrieb:


      Congratulations everyone! 12K Backers UNLOCKED! - Everyone who has supported us will receive an exclusive statue of the All-father for their Personal Kingdom. Time for another backer reward: At the next goal of 13,000: all backers free month of VIP membership!


      What's next? Well, the 1.3 million stretch Goal of Mounts and Caravans lingers ever closer, if and when we achieve this goal (fingers crossed!) you can bet we'll have more great ideas to follow!


      But lets talk about Today! In this update we follow up on some more Crafting details in what we are calling "Crafting FAQ part 2" (original name, right?) and Todd sits down and answers some questions about ArtCraft Entertainment and the idea behind Crowfall. 


      Interview with Todd: Part 1 





      Crafting FAQ Part 2! 


      How do players get access to advanced crafting?

      Our system is very freeform! Each of the Archetypes in Crowfall has an initial package of skills, and some of the Archetypes have specific crafting skills in their package. For example, the Forgemaster starting skill package has some initial blacksmithing skill and recipes. As the character progresses and engages in Campaigns they will discover Discipline Runestones such as Weaponsmith, or Armorsmith. As you pick up new Disciplines, that opens up new skills and new recipes.  


      I have to take a specific Archetype if I want to craft?!

      Generally, no. Most of the crafting-oriented Discipline Runestones can be used by any Archetype, though each character is limited as to how many Disciplines they can use (we’re currently planning on 3, max.) We see crafters as a full-time playstyle! They fill a valuable role as much as a tank or damage dealer does. In addition to being able to enjoy the “meta-game” of inter-World trading between Worlds, Crafters also have a specific niche role -- every faction/guild will need to recruit them to turn resources into valuable equipment within the Campaigns.


      Won’t this encourage a lot of people to make alternate characters for crafting (alts)?

      Probably not -- we want to encourage players to only play a single character within a campaign, so we’re putting design rules in place to encourage that. An upshot of this design is that the best “crafters” won’t generally be alternate characters, because it’s not a very effective strategy.   Recruiting proficient and dedicated Crafters will be one key ingredient to waging a successful Campaign. The same can be said of those who choose to specialize in scouting, raiding or sieging. Players (and Guilds) will need to make smart strategic choices about skill specialization -- and even team composition -- before entering a campaign.


      Is there interdependence between the crafting types?

      Most recipes that create equipment require components from each of the crafting styles. Each guild should encourage their members to take a spread of crafting Disciplines, to cover all the component styles.  


      What does increasing a specific crafting skill do?

      Every recipe requires a specific crafting skill (such as Blacksmithing for metal crafts, or Woodworking for wood crafts). Raising this skill will decrease the amount of crafting failures, and potentially increase the quality of the end piece of equipment. That said, we are trying to reduce the amount of randomness (RNG) in the system, so finding the right balance here will require some iteration.


      The crafting skill also acts as a soft gate rather than a hard gate normally seen in crafting systems. In most games, a crafter wouldn’t see upper end recipes until they hit a certain skill amount, grinding out thousands of needless items to get to that point. In Crowfall, each crafter starts with the same set of key recipes -- the challenge is going to be getting their hands on upper-end resources they can craft with them. If they can get these resources, they CAN craft the item -- but the chances of success are very low. Based on their skill, it becomes a judgment call for the crafter as to when they should start attempting to craft more difficult items.


      How do you plan to prevent “I only want the best!” Syndrome?

      Part of the reason that other games suffer from this is because items are largely permanent – once you gain a particular weapon, you usually don’t give it up (or lose it) until you find a better weapon. This cycle could take months, or years. Crowfall’s design means that items will turn-over much more frequently. Decay and item loss will factor heavily into Crowfall’s economy, so gear that isn't “the best” might be acceptable for a night where the player expects multiple deaths storming the castle. We also see this as a way for the crafters to gain a reputation as one who only sells a certain quality of item. The crafter who really wants to be known for their crafts might craft the same item multiple times and only sell those which they are proud of – and salvage those which don’t meet the quality mark.


      What do the crafters do with all their rejects?

      Since there is no vendor with an endless supply of coins to buy items, crafters can salvage any items they don’t want to get some of the resources back.


      How fast does equipment decay?

      Equipment will take small amounts of decay from use in combat and large amounts of decay when the player is killed in combat. Crafters will be able to repair equipment which will lower its max durability each time it is repaired.


      Is there any way to mass produce items?

      Some games (most notably Star Wars: Galaxies) provided the ability for crafters to essentially turn a crafted item into a blueprint that will consume it but allow the crafter to produce a limited amount of copies of that item. We’re considering a similar system, where players can craft a particular item to use a “template” and then order their Thrall Blacksmiths to manufacture that item in larger quantities.


      How do I sell items to other players? Is there an auction house?

      Currently, we don’t plan on offering an auction house. Instead, we are going to have “shopkeeper” Thralls that can be slotted into buildings to sell items. These thralls can be set up within certain structures, both in Campaign Worlds (to service a guild or faction) and in Kingdoms (to foster trade for use in the Eternal Kingdoms, or Campaigns with less strict import restrictions. We also expect that some players will open up their personal Kingdoms as “marketplaces” for other players to come and sell their goods, and take a cut out of every transaction that occurs.


      That's it for Today!  See you soon!

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